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Why CARE Works in Your Classroom


CARE is a resource for Calhoun County educators and teachers across the country to help provide financial education in the classroom. Our presenters bring real-world experience in financial services, personal-finance education, and other financial matters to your classroom, with a focus on helping students better understand the ins and outs of making smarter credit decisions.

Our 45-minute presentations have been developed by former educators and financial education professionals, and conform to the National Standards for K-12 Personal Finance Education of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.

John J. Hargrove Chief Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Southern District of California

Judge John Ninfo’s C.A.R.E. Program hits the nail on the head! Instead of waiting until the financial damage has been done - he attacks the cause of credit card abuse. He focuses on today’s young people and through the use of testimonials and a college student produced film, he effectively delivers his message of avoiding unnecessary (“Needs v. Wants”) credit card debt and its damaging consequences.


CARE’s educational presentations provide the perfect complement for teachers who are covering personal-finance topics as part of a course or personal-finance unit. The materials can also be used as stand-alone presentations for any educator interested in raising youth and young adult awareness of sound personal financial management skills in Calhoun County.


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Scheduling a presentation in Calhoun County is easy. Request a presentation below, and we will connect you with your local volunteer leader to set up a presentation.

Cheryl Lohrman Business Teacher, Rochester NY

Thank you for bringing the CARE program to the Mercy High School senior class. This information is critical to helping students make good choices so they can have a successful future. Your message and delivery really hit home with the students. In fact, one student called and canceled two of her credit cards within the hour following your presentation!