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Reflections From a CARE Volunteer

I first learned of CARE as a new law clerk looking for volunteer opportunities.  Now that I am raising two young sons, I hope that by volunteering I can show my children what it means to be an active, involved community member.  CARE, aimed at credit education and arming others with tools to help them … Continue reading Reflections From a CARE Volunteer

June 23, 2020

CARE Resource: Be Credit Smart Flyer

CARE is excited to share its newest companion resource: Be Credit Smart Flyer. This flyer is best used by our volunteers as a tagalong visual with active CARE presentations, a leave-behind with teachers, or as general financial education placed in offices or courtrooms. Our partners in education can use this flyer in their classrooms, hallways, … Continue reading CARE Resource: Be Credit Smart Flyer

June 16, 2020
CARE's Mission

Message of Solidarity

We stand together with the Black community in the fight against racism and affirm that Black lives do matter! CARE is committed to inclusion, diversity and equity and the real work that is needed to honor and embrace you and confront all injustice. We are deeply saddened and outraged by the lives that have been lost … Continue reading Message of Solidarity

June 09, 2020