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Dan Raimondo, Ph.D. Director of Campus Life

The CARE Program’s presentation is long PAST DUE! College students both want and need this information the day they step on campus. The information is presented in the schools in a candid and interactive forum which allows the students to feel comfortable asking questions and discussing their personal credit situations.

Cheryl Lohrman Business Teacher

Thank you for bringing the CARE program to the Mercy High School senior class. This information is critical to helping students make good choices so they can have a successful future. Your message and delivery really hit home with the students. In fact, one student called and canceled two of her credit cards within the hour following your presentation!

Josalyn Ayuso University of Interamericana School of Law

Your visit on Wednesday was absolutely phenomenal. A couple of the students who attended the presentation came up to me afterward and mentioned how much they appreciated your visit and your discussion about credit and debt. I myself truly enjoyed all that you presented. I know you have mentioned to me before how the topic about debt can be tough to talk about, but the session was awesome! It was interactive, funny, very informative and overall well appreciated.


Shelly Palmer Monroe Community College

I wish I had access to the information when I was in high school. After the presentation, I paid off two credit cards and cancelled three others. Now if I don’t have the money to pay cash for an item, I don’t buy it.

Allison Crowley 12th Grade Student

It seems like what we thought we knew about credit going into the presentation was all misleading information that we just got from ads and the internet. I think it influenced everyone’s future decisions about credit.

Hannah Marie Hix Lexington High School

I can honestly say that before the presentation I did not pay very much attention to the details of finances and this presentation was able to help me process more information on the topic. The stories shared can be used as important information and lifelong lessons.

Ellen Carter Lexington High School

It was really cool to hear the stories of people you have worked with and they made the presentation so interesting. I also learned about the things I should not do with my money and how to deal with student loans. I’m going to college next year so that was really helpful information.

Sydnee Wilke Lexington High School

It was great to hear from someone who understands and sees bankruptcy on a day to day basis…You have taught us that our decisions affect our future and because of your reminder, I will be sure to plan out my spending and saving. Your presentation might have been one of the most influential things I have learned in high school pertaining to personal finance.

Harrison Svrcek Lexington High School

The presentation really opened my eyes about how long it takes to pay off student loans and how financing a car only makes you pay more money in the long run.


Jed S. Rakoff US District Judge

Usually, judges only get involved with social problems after the problems have turned into disasters. One of the many wonderful aspects of this innovative program is that it allows judges to become part of the solution by helping young persons learn to manage debt before they are ever in over their heads. That’s why we are enthusiastically attempting to implement the program throughout the Second Circuit.

Paul Warren, Esq. Clerk of the Court

Each time I make a CARE presentation, I am left with a tremendous sense of satisfaction because I know that I have made a positive, personal, and meaningful impact on students, and I would encourage anyone working in the bankruptcy system to participate in a CARE program in your community. Take the time to CARE. You’ll be glad you did.

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