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CARE has spent nearly 20 years focused on providing quality financial education. As volunteers and supporters of the cause, you understand the importance of high quality financial education. Individual bankruptcy is another moment in life when quality financial education can make a major difference in someone's life. This is why your recommendation for your client's pre- and post-bankruptcy counseling is more than just a box to check. For your bankruptcy counseling needs, please consider recommending Consumer Education Services, Inc. (CESI) and their Start Fresh Today program.

Benefits of using the Start Fresh Today Program include:

  • Dedicated Attorney Relationship Manager and Support
  • All-In-One Platform
  • Customized Firm Landing Pages
  • One Price Per Household
  • Co-branded Library of Resources
  • Course Reminders and Alerts
  • Access to Due Diligence Products
  • Free Customized Landing Page
  • Multiple Billing Options
Why We Need You

Mike Croxson, CEO Consumer Education Services, Inc.

CESI is proud to partner with CARE whose like-minded mission –building financial education and skills that change people’s lives - motivates us every day to find innovative tools and approaches to reach individuals and families struggling to overcome financial difficulties.


Tammy Hettinger, ED Credit Abuse Resistance Education

One of CARE’s goals has always been providing quality education. Our 20-year history in the schools across the country is a testament to our passion and success in providing such education. We are proud to partner with CESI and their Start Fresh Today Program to offer our volunteers and supporters a high-quality education program for those going through the bankruptcy process.

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