CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

August CARE Corner: NABT Annual Seminar + CARE Hampton Roads

Each month, CARE publishes a column called the “CARE Corner” in the American Bankruptcy Institute’s “ABI Journal.” This is the August 2018 column republished and lightly edited for the website blog. This month we invite you to join us at the NABT Annual Seminar.

Visit CARE at the NABT Annual Seminar in Amelia Island

If you are planning to attend the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees Annual Seminar on August 15-18 in Amelia Island, FL, please visit the CARE exhibit booth! CARE Programs Manager Ian Redman will be at the exhibit table or at the opening receptions. You can sign up to volunteer, make a donation, or learn more about financial education by stopping by the table.

Chapter Highlight: CARE Hampton Roads (Virginia) Calls for Volunteers

The Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Section (TBBA) has started a CARE Chapter in the Hampton Roads Region of Virginia. Committee Chair Angela Haen is in the initial phases of recruiting volunteers and making connections with area educators. The committee will kick off its volunteer recruitment in August with a presentation to the TBBA members about CARE. The committee has set a goal of eight presentations for their first year, and they already have three presentations tentatively scheduled for September. The committee and the TBBA board are very excited for this opportunity to serve the community through financial education.

Join the CARE CHampion Club with a Monthly Donation

Show your support for CARE and financial education by joining the CARE Champions Club with a monthly donation. CARE Champions provide dependable revenue to the organization, which allows CARE to support volunteers and educate students. Donating monthly is easy: Visit, click the “Monthly” button, fill out the form, and CARE does the rest. To learn more about CARE, visit our website at


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