CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

CARE Values Collaboration

We wrap up our blog series on CARE’s values with our third value: collaboration. At CARE, we believe that we cannot achieve our goals alone. We are stronger working in partnership with students, educators and volunteers to fulfill our mission. As a volunteer-driven organization, this value has been the foundation of our work from the very beginning.

CARE’s founder, retired Bankruptcy Judge John C. Ninfo, II, started CARE with one presentation in one school in partnership with one teacher. This partnership led to others, and the program grew over time due to the recommendations of teachers. The teachers and students who benefited from the knowledge shared by Judge Ninfo wanted to ensure that others had the same opportunity. CARE soon expanded from Rochester, N.Y., to reach young people all across the country.

We believe that the relationships CARE volunteers have with educators and students is so important that this year we created new educator and student liaison positions at the national level. By understanding the needs of teachers, we are better able to support their work. Additionally, listening to young people helps us ensure that our materials stay relevant and increase our impact. 

Empowerment, Inclusion and Collaboration are the principles that guide our work in pursuit of our vision: that young adults have the tools they need to achieve financially secure futures.

About the Author

Tammy's Take; Volunteer Profile Series

Tammy Hettinger serves as the CARE Executive Director. Her monthly series highlights several topics of financial education and news around CARE, such as the above volunteer profile. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, two kids, and family cat.

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