CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

February CARE Corner: Join a Board Committee

Each orange dot represents coverage by a CARE Chapter.

New Way to Volunteer: Join A CARE Board Committee

If you are interested in a different way to volunteer for CARE, consider serving on one of its board committees. The key committees where help is needed: Development, Education and Outreach, and Technology and Innovation. The Development Committee works to advance CARE’s mission by helping the staff raise much-needed funds. The Education and Outreach Committee works to develop and implement new educational materials and programming. Our Technology Committee works on improvements to the website and social media as well as relevant technologies to the organization. Board service is not required to serve on a Board Committee. To apply, contact CARE Executive Director Anna Flores at [email protected].

CARE Aims to Grow to All 50 U.S. States by 2020

CARE currently has Chapters in 31 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico and is looking to grow to all 50 in the next two years. Do you know someone or are you interested in helping to provide crucial financial education to young people in your state or local area? Use the map to figure out if we are located in your state!

For more information on how to volunteer or start a new chapter in your area, contact CARE Communications and Development Program Coordinator Ian Redman at [email protected]. To view the interactive map and more information, navigate to

Show Your Support by Giving Monthly to CARE

Giving monthly is extremely easy and a crucial way to support CARE. With your recurring gift, you’ll be able to meaningfully support our organization without feeling the pinch of a large gift at once. A steady stream of income allows the CARE staff to focus on its mission. To become a recurring donor, go to and select the monthly recurring button in the donation portal. For more information, email Ian Redman at [email protected]. Thanks for supporting CARE!

Every month, CARE publishes a column called the “CARE Corner” in the American Bankruptcy Institute’s “ABI Journal.” This is the February 2018 column republished and lightly edited for the website blog.

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