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Financial Literacy Month: Become a Financial Education Champion

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Be a Financial Education Champion

During April’s National Financial Literacy Month, our CARE team has talked a lot about the importance of saving, having good credit and the work of many different financial education organizations. The CARE team includes the hundreds of amazing CARE Volunteers in 36 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Each CARE volunteer works hard to make a meaningful impact in the lives of hundreds of young people. The CARE Board of Directors, an all-volunteer board of leaders and visionaries in the space of financial literacy, has spent hours working on new innovations to support the work of the CARE volunteers, including new infographics and new educational materials (coming soon!). This work is crucial to improving the lives of tomorrow’s leaders and workforce, but this work won’t be successful without your help. Become a Financial Education Champion today.

Why You Should Become A Financial Education Champion

For those not familiar with CARE, our volunteers speak directly to young people in local schools and organizations across the country about the importance of asking tough questions about their finances. Each volunteer makes personal finance a topic worth a student’s attention through impactful and engaging personal experiences. These experiences may come from their professional lives as bankruptcy judges or their personal lives as someone who lives with large amounts of student loan debt (This is my story to tell and I’m happy to share it with you). In 2017, 22 of our volunteer chapters reported reaching 21,684 students and young people.

As you can see above, our volunteers are passionate, dedicated and make a meaningful impact in their communities. CARE is built on the work of these volunteers, but there’s still so much more to do. Here are some ways to join our network of supporters and make a meaningful impact in your community.

CARE Annual Fund and CARE Champions Club

The quickest and easiest way, but perhaps one of the most impactful ways, to give back to CARE and support financial education is to donate towards CARE’s Annual Fund with a one-time gift. You can also make a monthly recurring donation through our website. If you give $100 a month, you would join our CARE Champions Club and show that you are a true champion for financial education.

If you would like to give a one-time annual gift, you can write a check to CARE (payable to CARE 66 Canal Center Plaza Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22314) or you can donate online: You can also make a recurring dollar donation via the same link.

Volunteer with a CARE Chapter

If you’re passionate about making a direct impact on the lives of young people, you can also volunteer with a CARE Chapter to give presentations in local schools and youth organizations. Find your nearest chapter at If you don’t see a CARE Chapter near you, I can work with you to start a new one. I promise that the presentations are easy and rewarding!

Encourage Your Company to Become a CARE Corporate Partner

A corporate partnership is a great way for your organization to support financial education and an extremely helpful way for CARE to build new audiences and plan for the future. A corporate partnership can come in multiple forms utilizing financial gifts of varying sizes and employee partner programs. Your company can work with our staff to train their employees to give CARE presentations and embed in a CARE chapter. For more information and a case-study on corporate partnerships, visit

Make CARE the Beneficiary of Unclaimed Funds or a Remnant Asset Distributions in your Liquidating Plans, Liquidating Trusts, Receiverships or Closed Bankruptcy Cases

CARE is able to receive unclaimed funds distributed pursuant to Plans, Liquidation Trusts, and Receiverships and to accept other remnant assets or Cy Pres awards from cases you may be working on. CARE is happy to provide sample template language for you to include in the creation of the trust instruments and other documents and will work with you on the details. For more information, email me at [email protected]

Consider CARE as a Beneficiary of Your Estate Plan

Planned giving is a key way to show your support of CARE and keep the lasting gift of financial education possible for the next generation. If you’d like to designate CARE in your will or retirement accounts, please email [email protected] for more information.

Follow Our Social Media Handles

CARE is active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and tries to constantly share new information on programs, financial education news, and CARE volunteers. If you would like to learn more about CARE’s activities, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also consider joining our LinkedIn Group, where our Executive Director, Anna Flores, curates the latest financial education news and research.

There are so many ways to get involved with CARE and become a financial education champion: join the CARE network and support the mission of financial literacy! However you choose to get involved, know that the entire CARE team, Board Members, staff, and volunteers, appreciate your support of CARE. Thank you!

About the Author

Ian Redman is the Communications and Development Program Coordinator for Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE). After graduating from George Washington University, Ian ran his own consulting firm working in local politics. Ian moved on from politics to focus on his first passion: helping students. He found CARE and decided to share his own student loans story. As of posting, his private student loan debt is $80,633.38.


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