CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

Meet Ellie Lo, CARE’s 2020-21 Student Liaison

This year, in an effort to reach more young people and spread awareness about financial literacy education, we have decided to start a liaison program featuring one student and one teacher every year. Once selected, our liaisons will have the opportunity to make a direct impact in our organization by participating in our development and education committee meetings, contribute their ideas about new programs, materials, and projects, participate in CARE’s core-curriculum videos, and so much more.

Ellie is a student at TC Williams High School in Virginia, and is part of both the GWU Health Sciences Program and the Music Program. She plays piano for the school jazz band and her own personal band, The Outcasts, as well as cello for the school chamber orchestra.

Ellie loves to paint and bake, and crochets clothes on commission. She currently works at a bakery near her high school, and her band is frequently hired for gigs. She also used to dance at BalletNova, and now runs distance for her school’s track team. 

“I think that financial education is incredibly important for young people, and I feel that CARE is a good program to help young people become more aware of finances. Becoming a student liaison will help with both my own education and my fellow peers’ education in such an important topic.” -Ellie Lo

We look forward to working with you this year, Ellie!

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