CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

Volunteer Profile Series: Mindi Schools

This month we are pleased to share our latest volunteer profile on Mindi Schools. Mindi has volunteered with CARE for 6 years and has recently been appointed to CARE’s Board of Directors. She currently works in the financial services industry as a Program Analyst at the District of Columbia Department of Insurance Securities and Banking (DISB).

Along with volunteering, Mindi has played a crucial role in establishing CARE’s curriculum and education videos such as “Three Things You Need to Know About Money” which can be found here.

How did you learn about CARE?

I learned about CARE from a colleague that had volunteered with them previously.

What has surprised you the most in the years you’ve spent volunteering with CARE?

What has surprised me the most are the varying types of volunteers I have met over the years, the flexibility that CARE has shown in partnering with me on various types of financial literacy to various types of audiences and how CARE has grown over the years.

What question do you hear the most in the classroom?

Credit is always a major topic in any sessions I’m in regardless of age. There are many questions about building credit and repairing credit.

What message would you give to a volunteer just starting out?

Meet people where they are at. Make sure you explain everything when presenting and make the presentation an interactive conversation.

What do you see as CARE’s biggest area for growth?

I would like to see the DC chapter be as active and robust as others elsewhere in the country.

Which of CARE’s values most resonates with you?

Empowerment: We believe that knowledge is power. The best way to prepare the next generation for financial success is through education. We strive to empower youth by sharing the knowledge and life experiences of our volunteers. Empowerment has also played a big role in my own life.

Each year, CARE volunteers, like Mindi, reach countless youth across the country with empowering information that can impact their lives. Are you interested in being a volunteer? Sign up here.

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