CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

Volunteer Profile Series: Virginia Baird (CARE Kentucky)

This month we are pleased to share our latest volunteer profile on Virginia Baird. Virginia has spent 10 years volunteering with CARE Kentucky.

How did you learn about CARE?

Our Law Firm has always been very involved with the Kentucky Bar Foundation. I went to see a presentation made by Judge Ninfo at Lafayette High School when this all got started in Kentucky. We were asked by the Bar Foundation to form a group of attorneys to go out to our local schools to give this presentation.

How long have you been volunteering?

It has been at least 10 years.

What has surprised you the most in the years you’ve spent volunteering with CARE?

How receptive the kids are to the program. A lot of kids are concerned about the cost of living and the cost of higher education.

What question do you hear the most in the classroom?

The kids want to know about the real cost of higher education and about credit cards.

What’s the one takeaway you want students to learn from your presentation?

I want them not to fall into the trap of getting over their head in debt before they really start their lives and have to spend most of their early adult life trying to dig their way out.

What is your most memorable moment or favorite story of being a volunteer?

I always enjoy the kids coming up after a presentation to tell me that they got it.

What message would you give to a volunteer just starting out?

Read the materials and definitely use the video clips that are provided. They keep the kids engaged.

Each year, CARE volunteers, like Virginia, reach countless youth across the country with empowering information that can impact their lives.  Are you interested in being a volunteer?  Sign up here.

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