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CARE stands for Credit Abuse Resistance Education. CARE is a national non-profit comprised of professionals in bankruptcy, financial services, and business. We volunteer our time to educate young adults and others about the benefits of personal financial management and the consequences of credit abuse. Borrowing from our professional experiences, we tell true stories about financial distress and the impact it can have on one’s life.

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#AskJudgeNinfo Series – Question 4

Welcome back to the #AskJudgeNinfo series! In this series, CARE’s founder Hon. John C Ninfo will be answering your questions...
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The momentum around financial literacy education is growing! This year, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, and South Carolina have passed requirements for a personal finance course in order to graduate high school. CARE is committed to helping continue this trend, and we are here to help provide teachers and administrators nationwide with the curriculum and resources to navigate these new requirements. Learn more at #care4yourfuture ...

Welcome back to the #AskJudgeNinfo series at CARE! This week, to celebrate 20 years of CARE, Judge Ninfo is sharing his favorite memories at the organization from the past two
decades. To read the full post, visit the CARE Blog at! #care4yourfuture

In the latest installment of CARE’s Volunteer Profile Series, we’re highlighting Victor Owens, chairman of the CARE Development Committee and member of the CARE Board. To read more about Victor, his experience at CARE, and the financial literacy advice he has to share, visit #care4yourfuture ...

Don't let the term 'minimum' payments fool you. #BeCreditSmart by understanding by making the minimum payments on your credit card, you're paying the maximum in interest. Check out "The Funny Thing About Credit Cards", a comedy sketch by CARE to help remind us about smart and responsible credit card usage:

Welcome back to the #AskJudgeNinfo series at CARE! This week, Judge Ninfo is sharing his reasons for why young people should care about their credit scores, and the things young people can use their credit scores to do. To read the full post, visit the CARE Blog at! #care4yourfuture ...

Recently, CARE Puerto Rico volunteers Hon. Millie Cabán and Juan Carlos Fortuño-Fas, Esq. had the chance to present both in-person and virtually to over 140 students at the University of Puerto Rico's School of Law's incoming law school class. This was an opportunity for future law professionals to learn valuable credit information from successful individuals in their field. Thank you to everyone at CARE Puerto Rico who made this presentation a success! #care4yourfuture ...

Educators, the school year is coming! Get ahead with your lesson plan and request a FREE CARE presentation for your students today! CARE volunteers are professionals in the insolvency, restructuring, and financial advisory industries who can bring their specialized knowledge into your classroom. To find a chapter close to you, request a presentation, or learn more about what CARE presenters can do for you, visit #Care4YourFuture ...

Welcome back to the #AskJudgeNinfo series! For question number two, Judge Ninfo is discussing the biggest credit mistakes he’s seen people make in his career as a bankruptcy judge. To view the full #AskJudgeNinfo post, click the link in our bio or visit ...

CARE Chicago volunteers recently had the opportunity to give 16 presentations to over 600 high school graduates as part of Hope Chicago’s Goal Setters program! The event gave CARE volunteers a chance to help out hundreds of students headed into adulthood. Thanks to all of our volunteers for making this event possible! #care4yourfuture ...

Welcome to the #AskJudgeNinfo series at CARE! Our founder, Hon. John C. Ninfo, is taking YOUR personal finance, credit, and savings questions and answering them on the CARE Blog. For the first installment, Judge Ninfo answers the question of how to begin to save money by providing tips and tools for young people to begin saving for their future. To view the full #AskJudgeNinfo post, visit! ...

In the latest CARE volunteer profile, we are highlighting Hon. Michelle Harner of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Maryland! Judge Harner has been a volunteer at CARE for five years, and currently serves on the CARE Advisory Board. To read the full profile on Judge Harner, head to #Care4YourFuture ...

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  • CARE is a nationwide organization dedicated to teaching students and young adults sound financial management principles while alerting them to the many consequences of consumer credit abuse
  • CARE achieves this mission by providing in-school presentations to students at high schools and colleges, as well as other community groups

  • CARE sends volunteers to speak for FREE. All of our volunteers believe in the message of financial literacy and are willing to donate their time to advance this important cause.

  • CARE offers in-person and virtual presentations.
  • Our CARE volunteers are willing to travel to most locations
  • Volunteers are flexible. We schedule dates and times that work for Educators and Community Leaders.

Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve visited recently:

  • Ariel Community Academy
  • Arts on the Block
  • Arc of Southern California
  • Colorado High School Charter GES
  • DeKalb’s Student Success Center
  • Grayslake North High School
  • Hayfield Secondary School
  • Highland Park High School
  • Roberto Clemente Community Academy
  • Urban Assembly Gateway School of Technology
  • Varina High School

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What is a CARE presentation like?

Focus on

CARE presentations focus on the smart use of credit, including both credit cards and student loans. We also discuss bankruptcy, credit reports, credit scores, budgeting, and identity theft.

Meant for
Teens & Adults

Our programs are generally appropriate for teenagers and adults and range from 30 to 120 minutes. CARE presentations are direct, interactive, multimedia, concrete, and relevant.


CARE provides training opportunities to new volunteers in the form of one-on-one coaching, presentation observation, and group training.

that Resonate

We are successful at resonating with people, in part because the audience appreciates the expertise and passion we have.

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