CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

Volunteer Toolkit


Hello and welcome to CARE’s volunteer resources page!  CARE offers both in-person and online presentations. With the shift to virtual learning, we wanted to share with you a series of resources with some suggested approaches for how to design and facilitate a fully online CARE workshop. We hope that the following resources are helpful as you move to  virtual format and also help to create a financial education experience that is useful, engaging and most importantly – fun! (The presentations can be found under the Educators header on the “Curriculum” tab).

The following resources are not based around any specific CARE content. Rather we have complied this set of recommendations and best practices gathered from past experience and other volunteers to spark creativity and assist you, the CARE Volunteer Facilitator, as you prepare a financial education workshop for the students you serve.

How to Use These Resources

The volunteer resources section of the CARE website is broken into 3 main sections with a variety of resources available in each section. We recommend following the following sequence to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience that mirrors – to the extent possible online! – an experiential learning cycle that engages young people and builds on what they already know about these topics through games, practice activities, and facilitated discussions with you, the facilitator, and their peers.

Workshop Planning

Workshop Delivery

Workshop Follow-Up

Virtual Workshop Packages

Additional Resources 

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