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CARE New Hampshire

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Meet Our Volunteers

Kimberly Bacher


William Gillen

Attorney, Law Offices of William M. Gillen, PC

Kathleen McKenzie

Attorney, Raymond J. DiLucci, PA

Steve Notinger

Attorney, Hearings Examiner, New Hampshire Insurance Department

Christopher J. Seufert

Attorney, Seufert Law

About Us

CARE stands for Credit Abuse Resistance Education. CARE is a national non-profit comprised of professionals in bankruptcy, financial services, and business. We volunteer our time to educate young adults and others about the benefits of personal financial management and the consequences of credit abuse. Borrowing from our professional experiences, we tell true stories about financial distress and the impact it can have on one’s life.



  • “Thank you again for taking the time to speak with my students today.  The presentation was spot on and great for them to hear!” – Teacher, Bow High School
  • “I wanted to send you a very heartfelt “thank you” for visiting my Personal Finance class this week.  My students really enjoyed your visit.  I hope to see you again in the spring.” – Teacher, Goffstown High School
  • “One thing that was talked about that I knew was important but is now more ingrained in my head is to simply save money. Saving money when I can will now always be noted in the back of my head. Now I know how to save more and be wise with what I spend money on. Thanks again for taking the time to help enlighten us on these need to know facts. Hope that you are able to do this for more students that will also use this information wisely. Thanks again and will make sure to keep in mind what we have learned.” – Mason, Concord High School
  • “Thank you for presenting in our class. I learned a lot about money and how to spend it wisely. In particular, I really enjoyed your tips on savings accounts, increasing income, credit cards and why paying interest on debt is bad. The story about student debt and the lessons learned about reading contracts before signing really hit home to me and I feel I know what to look out for. Your presentation really brought my Money Management class to life. Many thanks and come back soon!” – Ian, Concord High School
  • “Thank you for your very informative presentation last week. Your presentation was very helpful and informative. I think that your job descriptions are very interesting, and it puts a new perspective on what going bankrupt is like and the process that you have to go through if you do have to declare bankruptcy. I was very impressed with your education ability on credit score and bankruptcy.” – Ben, Concord High School
  • “Thank you for coming in and teaching us about money management and being smart about it. I really appreciated how you went over credit. At first I really did not understand the whole thing. But your explanation really helped me. I also appreciated how you talked about needs, wants, and future needs. It gave me a whole new perspective about what I needed to cut down on to save as much money.” – Krislyn, Concord High School
  • “Thank you for giving us the presentation on spending and budgeting. Your knowledge and advice had a great impact on my views on values, especially on the needs and wants. My favorite part of the presentation was learning about budgeting and how doing that helps you save better and creates financial stability and opportunities for you. I liked the presentations in general because of the way you guys made it engaging: you were able to connect the tactics to yourselves with personal stories which made it really interesting and convincing.” – Donciel, Concord High School


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Learn more about volunteering with CARE New Hampshire

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