Chapter Profile: CARE Denver

CARE is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization with chapters across the U.S. Our amazing, dedicated, and hard-working chapters carry out our mission of preparing the next generation for financial success by presenting CARE’s curriculum to schools/youth organizations and getting involved in their communities. In this new series, we want to shine light on our outstanding chapters … Continue reading Chapter Profile: CARE Denver

July 06, 2021 0

CARE’s Educator Newsletter + Resources

Are you an educator? Would you like to know more about how CARE can help you and your students? CARE is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to prepare the next generation for financial success. We offer free presentations to schools and youth organizations. During these presentations, our volunteers, which include bankruptcy judges and … Continue reading CARE’s Educator Newsletter + Resources

June 28, 2021 0

Why Do You Volunteer?

CARE is a community built up of talented, ambitious, and giving bankruptcy judges, attorneys, and financial service professionals. In our latest social media campaign, we are asking YOU to share why you volunteer with CARE. The CARE program revolves around our volunteers telling their life-changing stories about financial literacy and their experiences in the financial … Continue reading Why Do You Volunteer?

June 16, 2021 0

Volunteer Profile Series: Michael Sabella

This month we are pleased to share our latest volunteer profile on Michael Sabella. Michael was recently appointed to CARE’s Board of Directors.  How did you learn about CARE? A colleague spoke to me about CARE and how impressed she was with the work they had done.  Given my interest in advocacy work and bankruptcy … Continue reading Volunteer Profile Series: Michael Sabella

May 06, 2021 0

CARE Values Collaboration

We wrap up our blog series on CARE’s values with our third value: collaboration. At CARE, we believe that we cannot achieve our goals alone. We are stronger working in partnership with students, educators and volunteers to fulfill our mission. As a volunteer-driven organization, this value has been the foundation of our work from the … Continue reading CARE Values Collaboration

April 26, 2021 0

CARE Resource: Judge Ninfo’s Top 10 Personal Finance Tips Poster

CARE is excited to share our latest resource: Just Ninfo’s Top 10 Personal Finance Tips Poster. This poster includes CARE Founder and Retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John Ninfo’s top 10 personal finance tips that are aimed to help youth and students learn more about financial literacy, build strong personal finance habits, and make wise and … Continue reading CARE Resource: Judge Ninfo’s Top 10 Personal Finance Tips Poster

April 19, 2021 0