CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

#AskJudgeNinfo Series – Question 1

Welcome to the #AskJudgeNinfo series! In this series, CARE’s founder Hon. John C Ninfo will be answering your questions about personal finance, credit, savings, and so much more. To submit your own questions for the Judge, visit this link. Please enjoy these tips and resources, and look out for the next installment of #AskJudgeNinfo coming soon!


Ask Judge Ninfo #1: How can individuals get into the habit of saving?

First, you must mentally commit to saving for emergencies,

anticipated expenses for the next year, and for a retirement

with dignity, and also commit that you will make it happen, no

matter what.


Second, visit and revisit your budget in order to increase

income, decrease expenses, or some combination, in order to

have more disposable income so that you can actually fund

those three savings goals.


Third, set a realistic goal for how much you will save each

month for each of those three savings goals, and determine the

source for funding them, like your weekly salary, and open

accounts for them.


Last, pay yourself first. Fund those three buckets off the top by

direct deposits from you salary or by making deposits into your

saving vehicles as soon as income comes in.


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