CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

#AskJudgeNinfo Series – Question 4

Welcome back to the #AskJudgeNinfo series! In this series, CARE’s founder Hon. John C Ninfo will be answering your questions about personal finance, credit, savings, and so much more. To celebrate CARE’s 20th anniversary this year, Judge Ninfo talks about his favorite memories at CARE from the past 20 years. To submit your own questions for the Judge, visit this link. Please enjoy these tips and resources, and look out for the next installment of #AskJudgeNinfo coming soon!

Q: What is your favorite CARE memory?
A: As a program, my favorite CARE memory was the day in 2008 when we finally had a presence in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia, and became a true National Program. Personally, I have been blessed to have so many, but the one that set a standard that I try to live up to everyday in my presentations was a thank you note from Mya, a high school student. She said, “Thank you for teaching us some things that we can actually use in life, and for making it fun.”

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