CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

CARE Back to School Giving Campaign

This fall, CARE volunteers nationwide are going back to school! We have the opportunity to reach more young people this year than ever before. 

CARE’s mission is to prepare the next generation for financial success through volunteer-led education. Our volunteers are bankruptcy judges, attorneys, and financial industry professionals and have seen first-hand the importance of financial literacy, building a strong financial foundation, and establishing good financial habits. CARE volunteers across the country are eager to educate students and young people, share their stories and personal experiences, and help the next generation succeed financially.

Our chapters offer FREE presentations to schools and youth organizations on topics such as Being Credit Smart, Budgeting & Saving, Student Loans: Handle with Care and more.  Working in partnership with educators, we are making a difference. 

“A pandemic changes everything! The financial lives of the families of our students [are] shifting. Each CARE presentation engages students in financial content that they learn thoroughly while participating in the presentation. Students become immediately skilled after a CARE presentation to inform and influence the financial situation of their household.” — High School Teacher 

“What a wonderful and interactive session! . . . This is extremely helpful and important information for our students to receive.” — Career and Technical Education Leader 

“CARE hit another one out of the park! This time CARE went over and beyond the call of duty in delivering a pair of exceptional e-learning Zoom presentations on credit, credit reporting, student loans, and bankruptcy.” — High School Teacher 

In an effort to help our chapters continue to develop relevant and important material, train volunteers, reach schools and youth organizations, and give FREE presentations, we’ve launched a “Back to School Campaign” to raise money which will go directly towards helping us develop the resources necessary to carry out our mission. Together, we can help young people get the information they need to build strong financial futures. 

Every donation makes a difference and we ask you to please consider supporting CARE as well as our amazing chapters and volunteers. Thank you for your support!

Click here to donate to the “Back to School” Campaign.

Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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