CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

CARE Releases Three New Infographics for National Financial Literacy Month


In celebration of National Financial Literacy Month, CARE releases three new infographics highlighting each of its topic modules. The “Truth About Credit,” “Student Loans: Handle with Care,” and “Building a Money Habit” infographics cover the key concepts and takeaways from each CARE presentation.

Similar to all CARE materials, these infographics can be used at no cost by anyone who would like to use them. To download each infographic, you can sign in from the curriculum page and download the materials from our curriculum wall. To create a sign in or log in, you can visit

The Truth About Credit

“The Truth About Credit” displays the top points of CARE’s “The Truth About Credit” module. This infographic explains the different components of credit reports and scores. It also helps young people to understand good versus bad debt.

Building a Money Habit

“Building a Money Habit” explains the key concepts in CARE’s “Brush Up On Budgeting” module and highlights the need for young people to understand the difference between needs and wants and the basics of building a budget.

Student Loans: Handle with Care

“Student Loans: Handle with Care” explains the key concepts of CARE’s “Student Loans: Handle with Care” module. The infographic goes through the important facts to consider when thinking about school after high school. It also helps young people remember the best strategy to pay for school.

 The Infographics

Click each thumbnail to see the full infographic in detail.


About CARE

CARE is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young people to be better financial managers. Each CARE presentation is given with the help of passionate volunteers who are experts in a financial service industry and have a powerful story to tell. Learn more about CARE here.

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