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CARE Resource: Judge Ninfo’s Top 10 Personal Finance Tips Poster

CARE is excited to share our latest resource: Just Ninfo’s Top 10 Personal Finance Tips Poster.

This poster includes CARE Founder and Retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John Ninfo’s top 10 personal finance tips that are aimed to help youth and students learn more about financial literacy, build strong personal finance habits, and make wise and smart decisions with their money.

Our partners in education can use this poster in their classrooms, hallways, displays, or as a standalone teaching tool.

If you would like to listen to Judge Ninfo talk more about each of his Top 10 Personal Finance Tips, we encourage you to listen to our Voices of CARE Podcast. Below, you can find a link to each episode. Transcripts of each podcast episode can be found here.

      1. Episode #1: Don’t use credit cards to buy “stuff” you can’t afford
      2. Episode #2: Cash is king
      3. Episode #3: Budget to control your spending or it will control you
      4. Episode #4: You need a good credit history or there will be consequences
      5. Episode #5: Save if you want to do priceless things and live richly
      6. Episode #6: Money matters
      7. Episode #7: Don’t make wants, wishes, luxuries, and conveniences​ into false needs
      8. Episode #8: Don’t make anticipated expenses false emergencies
      9. Episode #9: The only good debt is debt that you can afford to repay and have a plan to repay
      10. Episode #10: Make sure that you get the best value for every education dollar that you borrow or spend

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