CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

How to Request a FREE CARE Presentation

This past year, our team at CARE has worked hard to re-develop our curriculum to adapt to new virtual classrooms. Not only have we incorporated new technology and resources into our presentations, we have developed new and innovative ways to engage with youth and make sure they get the most out of our presentations.

Our goal at CARE is to empower the next generation for financial success through volunteer led education. Our volunteers are bankruptcy judges, attorneys, and financial literacy professionals who know first-hand the importance of financial literacy, building a strong financial foundation, and developing sound financial habits.

“The only good debt is debt that YOU can afford to repay and YOU have a plan to repay.”

                                                   Judge John Ninfo, CARE Founder 

CARE presentations are unique, personable, and FREE. Our volunteers connect with youth by sharing their own personal stories and provide practical suggestions on ways to be a smart consumer of financial products. Our curriculum focuses on core financial literacy topics such as budgeting, credit management and student loans. 

      • Understanding needs vs wants
      • The importance of an emergency fund
      • Understanding how credit works and why you need it
      • How access your credit scores and dispute fraud
      • Student loans do not equal easy money
      • Federal vs private student loans 

If you are interested in having CARE volunteers present to your school or youth organization, click here. Our presentations and supporting materials are FREE to you and your students. 

Along with our presentations, CARE offers FREE educator resources. These resources can be used in conjunction with our presentation, or they can be used by themselves. Click here to learn more.

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