CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

Why Do You Volunteer?

CARE is a community built up of talented, ambitious, and giving bankruptcy judges, attorneys, and financial service professionals. In our latest social media campaign, we are asking YOU to share why you volunteer with CARE. The CARE program revolves around our volunteers telling their life-changing stories about financial literacy and their experiences in the financial industry to students and youth and educating them about the importance of stable financial habits.

Our volunteers choose to give back because they know the importance of financial literacy and some of them have seen first-hand what can happen if youth do not develop important financial habits and have a strong foundation in financial literacy. These stories are what fuel our mission and we love to hear about why those within the CARE community decided to start volunteering with our organization.

If you choose to share your story on social media, be sure to tag CARE so we can share/retweet your posts and feel free to use our CARE Volunteer Badge (click here to download). We are thankful for our volunteers and look forward to reading and sharing your volunteer stories!


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