CARE: Credit Abuse Resistance Education

Chapter Profile: CARE Denver

CARE is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization with chapters across the U.S. Our amazing, dedicated, and hard-working chapters carry out our mission of preparing the next generation for financial success by presenting CARE’s curriculum to schools/youth organizations and getting involved in their communities. In this new series, we want to shine light on our outstanding chapters and thank them for their work. To kick off this series, we are starting with our CARE Denver chapter.

What are the names of your chapter coordinators?

Adam Goodman and Danielle Urban

How long has your chapter been active?

Local CARE volunteers, including Adam, have been active in the Denver area for years. Danielle became active in the chapter with Adam through the Colorado Bankruptcy Court in October 2020.

How many volunteers does your chapter have?

CARE Denver currently has a dozen volunteers, several who are new to CARE and excited to help teach financial literacy to students throughout our community.

How do you carry out the CARE mission (​CARE’s mission is to prepare the next generation for financial success through volunteer led education) in your chapter?

Informing local teachers and community leaders about CARE and coordinating and delivering valuable presentations for students is how we carry out the CARE mission.

In what ways is your chapter involved with the Denver community?

Currently, CARE Denver is involved in the community solely by providing financial education in local classrooms. We look forward to exploring opportunities to become involved with the Denver community in more ways as we expand.

What is one thing you want students to walk away with after a CARE Denver presentation?

We want students to walk away with a smarter way of thinking about their financial future and goals. It isn’t as much about what they learn in our presentations, as much as it’s about how they start thinking about their own financial journey.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

Connecting with teachers and students and seeing the impact CARE volunteers have on them is a favorite.

How have you continued to reach students through the switch from in-person presentations to virtual?

CARE Denver has reached students using Zoom and Google Meet, utilizing screen sharing and chats to stay connected. We have found Kahoot! to be incredibly helpful as well.

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